Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Different Look at Cave Creek Unified AIMS 2013 Test Scores

The full set of AIMS scores can be found at the Arizona Department of Education, but we wanted to show a different look at the scores.  Instead of looking at the percent passed, let’s check out the number of failed tests by grade and school for grades three through eight.

By Grade


By School


That is 1087 failed test or around 15%.  Some interesting things stand out like…

  • 111 7th grade students at Sonoran Trails failed the writing test
  • Almost 100 students in grade six in the district failed the math test
  • Almost 22% of the test taken at Desert Sun Academy resulted in a failure, significantly higher than the district result of 15%.

As we have said before, in an area with our demographics, these numbers are way to high, and the district needs to take a serious look at what is happening at Desert Sun. Poor scores like this show why Cave Creek Unified is failing to capture the students in its own boundaries.

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