Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Cave Creek Unified Test Scores and Student Achievement for 2013 vs. 2012

So at tonight’s governing board meeting, expect the administration to pat itself on the back for getting all “A”s and improving AIMS scores.  Well, the truth is different.  On a whole, test scores in the district declined.

AIMS passing rates is a poor proxy for student achievement. AIMS scores are a rate of students who fall into a category.  A district could work hard on getting marginal students across the AIMS passing bar (despite how low it is set), but overall achievement in the district could drop.

This is the case for Cave Creek Unified for 2013.

See for yourself, here AIMS Mean Scores and Stanford 10 PR\NCE tell the true story. (Note: AIMS Scale Scores did not change 2012 to 2013).



Source: Arizona Department of Education

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