Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Mark Warren to Run for Cave Creek Unified Governing Board 2014

According to the county, Mark E. Warren has filed to run for Cave Creek Unified Governing Board in 2014.  Assuming this is the same Mark Warren, Mr. Warren has previously sat on the Cave Creek Unified Governing Board. You may recall that he approved implementing Everyday Math in Cave Creek Unified and he pushed for the issuance of the bonds in 2006 BEFORE any voter approval to build a new high school.  As a result, Cave Creek Unified has been paying interest on these issued bonds since 2006, with nothing to show for it.

In 2011, Mr. Warren resigned from the Cave Creek Unified governing board and moved to Virginia for a job promotion according to the Arizona School Board Association.

At the time we wrote this…

”Good luck Mr. Warren to you and your family. While we believe that you understood the necessity of increasing achievement in our district, it is unfortunate you never stood behind that belief with your vote.”

Mark Warren Resigning from Cave Creek Unified Governing Board

There are now 4 candidates for Cave Creek Unified Governing Board including Susan Clancy and Angelica Petersen.

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